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Hello, I'm Alex Fowle

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Thank you for visiting my website! I am using this space to share some of my favorite work as part of my portfolio, as well as some educated ramblings in my blog. I am a UI Developer and UX Generalist based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have an undergraduate degree in Information Science and Technology from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and intend to return for my masters degree in HCI (Human-Computer Interaction).


I've worked in many fields over the past 5+ years, including Microsoft consulting, desktop support, web development, SharePoint development, and more, but found a home in UX design and research. I've always loved technology but I find people to be the most interesting part. How do people use and change technology? How does technology change people? These are some of the questions that keep me excited about this industry.

I love working on projects that require cross-team collaboration and encourage me to ask the questions that naturally come to mind. I'm a creative problem solver but moreover a problem finder: I am constantly seeking ways to improve processes and systems through collaborative design work and research with all stakeholders of a system, most importantly, the users.

Outside of work, I'm an avid bedroom musician and music producer. I love socializing and immersing myself in Milwaukee's vibrant music scene. I have two cats and a wonderful spouse who keeps me from bringing home 30 more; this can be a challenge as I volunteer at a local cat shelter whenever I get the chance and the temptation is aggressive at times.

Feel free to use the below form to get in contact if you'd like to connect, else I am always reachable on LinkedIn.

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